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Body Transformation Transformations

From Fat to Fitness Trainer

My name is Sarie Bronish and I am 25 years young. I am a mother of 2, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a military wife. I am a homemaker, a crafter, a friend, and a normal woman who didn’t always believe in herself but succeeded in a very important journey. To date, I have lost 95 pounds. I am happy, healthy, and blessed in more ways than I can count. However, I was not always this way.

At my heaviest, I was 240+ pounds and depressed. I gained weight after having children, which left me feeling as if I weren’t allowed to have time for my own health. I couldn’t shake the gut-wrenching feeling of self-hatred due to my weight gain. I was miserable. I ate to cover up my feelings, which did not help. I was that mom who covered up everywhere she went because confidence was not a part of my life. Most days were spent avoiding gatherings and cameras because I didn’t want people to see me as I was. It was as though I thought I could pretend I wasn’t unhealthy if I just hid from my problems. I wanted to change, but I didn’t know where to start and I felt so incredibly lost.


I attempted to lose weight many times before, trying several fad and yo-yo diets which always failed me. I would lose about 10 pounds and give up. Looking back on this now, I see what was going on. You cannot embark on a successful weight loss journey if you are not “ready” for it. This means, if you still find comfort in your unhealthy ways, you will typically fall back into them. I became successful the day I no longer feared change, because any change was bound to be better than where I was.

I began by learning how to count calories. It seemed simple enough, but soon after I felt a hunger to learn more about what was going on inside my body. I searched the internet in all of my free time, learning about the science behind weight loss, macros, nutrition, and more. I began tracking my macro nutrients (fats, carbs, protein) and learned how to feed my body with more wholesome ingredients. For the first time in my life, I looked at food differently and felt empowered.

After losing a large amount of weight from proper nutrition alone, I joined a gym and decided it was time to learn how to exercise properly. I spent every day dedicated to my plan because I had something to prove. I wanted to prove that it was possible to lose weight, even as a busy mom with a husband who is away a lot. I wanted to show others that their dreams are within reach—all they need is a good role model and a little reassurance. More than anything, I wanted to be that role model.


There were hurdles along the way, as expected. The military moved us across the country, then moved us again, which made it hard to stick to a routine. I had to remind myself many times that it’s ok to fall down, as long as you ALWAYS get back up. Life will throw curve balls at you, but you have to keep playing the game in order to win. I am currently 145 pounds, which is 95 pounds down and only about 5 pounds away from the goal I set on day one.

Along my journey I learned many things: For example, I have an insatiable sweet tooth so learning will power took some time. When I found Quest Bars for the first time, they were like my light at the end of the tunnel. They have ingredients that I can pronounce, they are gluten free, and low glycemic. These things are all important to me when I chose what food to put into my body. The fact that they tasted like heaven was just the cherry on top. My favorite Quest Bars are Mint Chocolate Chunk and White Chocolate Raspberry. I eat one a day, and the recipes you can use them in are just incredible! Quest Protein Powder, honestly, took it to the next level for me. I was able to make pancakes, cupcakes, and more, which were all beyond delicious and helped me reach my daily protein goals. I love that Quest products are low in net carbs, because while I don’t always eat low carb necessarily, I like to make sure my carbs come from my morning oatmeal and my quinoa.


Two years into my journey I became certified as a personal trainer, certified in fitness nutrition, and a Quest Brand Ambassador. When you find your passion, I believe you should chase it with everything you have, while always finding room to grow and improve. These are five of my daily rules to live by:

1) If you eat it, track it. You want to be accountable for what you eat, especially in the beginning to establish patterns of good behavior.

2) If you have a cheat meal as a reward, remember that you don’t have only “one day” to enjoy the things you used to eat. That is what causes binge eating, often resulting in an upset stomach and guilt. Instead, remind yourself that this is just one of MANY treat days in your future, so you don’t have to eat EVERYTHING to enjoy it. You will feel better and it will save you a stomach ache.

3) Drink water! I like to have 6 or 7 water bottles filled up and scattered throughout the main areas in my house. Every time I walk past or look at one, I take a drink. This helps to maintain hydration all day long without having to think about it too much.

4) Get creative! If you really want something, there is always a way. I make Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana pancakes out of my Quest protein powder—more times a week than you’d think! I have always loved pancakes, so I love now having the ability to create a healthier version.


5) No one expects you to be a bodybuilding, triathlon-running, ultra-perfect person. You get to set the pace with your exercise, so remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone else chooses to do with their body. Don’t spend unnecessary time comparing yourself to others because that isn’t fair to you. Each person’s journey is different.


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Sari’es Blog: http://crazymomgettingfit.blogspot.com