Welcome to The Bloq



Our first issue is about NEW BEGINNINGS.

As the winter months struggle to remain relevant and new life takes root, we too are breaking free from the cold. We’re completely revamping our blog with this inaugural issue. This month and every month we’ll have editorial updates that celebrate the Quest lifestyle.

In this issue you’ll Gain access to the Ketopet Sanctuary and find out how a team of dedicated professionals and animal lovers are beating canine cancer, one dog at a time. Experience a curated list of news that won’t make the headlines, but should. You’ll embark on a fictional journey where not everything is as it seems and cast your vote for how the story will progress.

You’ll get tips from an amateur bodybuilder overflowing with confidence that he has what it takes to tackle Bikram Yoga. A rising pop star reframes her identity in order to survive in the tumultuous world of music. Finally, conclude your trip around The Bloq by visiting unconventional Spring Break destinations that’ll leave you breathless and fulfilled instead of penniless and hungover.

Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet. Take a stroll and stay a while. And don’t forget to come back next month for our April issue. The theme will be “In Their Shoes.” We can’t wait to share our stories with you.


We love submissions from Team Quest! if you have an idea for an article you’d like to pitch us, send your idea to [email protected]