What is your Conviction?


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We are all pursuing a healthier more balanced and fulfilled lifestyle, right? Well let me ask you this. What is your conviction? A conviction is a firm belief in something. In order to achieve anything, you must first firmly believe in what it is you are striving for. When you strongly believe in something, it motivates you to do more and become more. If you didn’t believe in eating healthy and exercising regularly, would you be motivated to eat a bowl of oatmeal or go for a jog? Absolutely not! Take a look at your path and personal goals. Are they goals that are based on your conviction or someone else’s? A true conviction comes from you and your personal beliefs, rather than believing in something because someone else tells you to or because you think it’s what you should believe in!

Creating a healthy lifestyle begins with a conviction, a firm belief in what you are doing. However, we first have to understand what those beliefs are. In terms of fitness, we see diet trends, fads, and people constantly gaining and losing weight. Could this be because those people do not have a clear vision of what their conviction is? We need to take the time to search within ourselves and discover our true values. Think honestly about your goal(s). What you are aiming to achieve? Once you establish a clear understanding of your beliefs and values, you have laid the first layer of your foundation for long-term success!

A strong belief leads to consistently sticking to your goals. When you stick to something, you are creating the long-term habits that make accomplishing those goals a reality. Whether it’s a weight loss goal, a goal to tone and tighten, a craft you are trying to master, or maybe a new job you are pursuing. How much effort are you investing? A few hours a day, a week, a month or maybe just whenever you have time. One hour of effort, once a week, is far less beneficial than 20 minutes of effort, on a daily basis. The more consistent you can be with your efforts, the more your efforts will become habits, and therefore a way of life. It is then that you will reach your goals and maintain them… why? Because you have put in consistent efforts and have a clear conviction! No matter what it is you are aiming for, if you want to reach your goals and do so in a timely manner, you must be consistent with your efforts.

At the end of the day there is no better feeling than knowing that you gave all of your effort and succeeded! You made the time, you gave your efforts, and you committed yourself. Think about a time when you wholeheartedly committed yourself and did everything in your power to achieve whatever it was you set out to accomplish. That motivation stemmed from your conviction in your goal, it was achieved in your consistent efforts, and it allowed rewards that only you can truly appreciate. This reward produces indescribable feelings that only those who have accomplished will understand.

Get in touch with your own conviction, commit to consistency, and savor the reward. Go through this idea everyday, in your mind, if you have to. Breathe it in and allow it to become your purpose. Each day recommit yourself to your conviction, do what you said you would because you believe in it. Now I ask again, what is your conviction?

“Working hard is important but there’s something that matters even more, believing in yourself.”~ Harry Potter