Why Go to the Gym in the First Place?

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The “hall of iron” is the one magical place in society where you can enter as an underdog and emerge as a hero. It’s the place where the impossible becomes possible, where personal records can be shattered… but you won’t experience and ounce of the magic unless you actually go.

Getting your butt to the gym can be a feat unto itself.  Take it from me, a guy who as a nerdy teen never would have seen himself as a guy who not only regularly goes to the gym, but who runs his own — going to the gym gets easier the more you do it. Getting into a habit/ritual/routine is the toughest hurdle to overcome, but once you do, you’re on the road to something pretty special.

Heck, half the allure of going to the gym and some of the most inspiring moments of your workouts won’t even happen to you. If you become a regular goer on a set schedule, you’ll start to recognize some faces here and there. Other people on a journey like yours. Witnessing other peoples’ struggles at the gym and enjoying the satisfaction of their victories are an awesome motivator. Those inspiring people are at the gym right now ready for you to cheer them on, give them a hand why don’t you?

After a while you might feel like you’re hitting a wall. Finding the right trainer/coach to motivate and inspire you is an important and very personal decision. It can feel awkward to approach someone who, maybe to you, is advanced and maybe judging you based on your looks or performance. This couldn’t be further from the truth. These guys and girls are so stoked to talk to you about your goals and are almost always willing to provide you with that extra push you need to keep yourself going. If you’re unsure which trainer to talk to, be sure to ask questions and watch the trainer’s interactions with other clients before you make your choice. They’re there to help, utilize their knowledge when you think the time is right.

If you choose to work out on your own, huge props to you. That’s fantastic and if it works for you and you don’t have any issues, keep powering through my friend. But if you’re seeking a community, a house of inspiration and motivation, going to the gym is a great start to your fitness quest.