You Are Karma!

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It’s time to stop blaming karma for everything that goes wrong

Heads up: YOU ARE KARMA, you are the one that causes your future. It’s the decisions that you make on a daily basis that help predict your future. Do you complain a lot? Well, guess what? You’ll keep getting more to complain about. Do you constantly give gratitude? Well, guess what? You’ll keep having reasons to be gracious. That’s how it works, what you put out you will get back. You work out hard at the gym, you’ll get results. You eat healthy, you’ll be more healthy.

I was thinking about this bad rap that karma seems to have and I just want to say, “Karma is only a bitch if you’re a bitch, so don’t be a bitch”. Karma is also pretty darn awesome but only if you’re awesome!

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Why is it that we usually only bring up karma when we think somebody did something “wrong”? Somebody steals something, “Oh karma”. Somebody cuts you off in traffic, “Oh Karma”. We act like karma is this big bad thing that is going to come out and punish people. I feel a bit bad for karma, it seems a bit misunderstood if you ask me. For the most part, it seems like people understand this concept when it comes to food. If you decide to eat unhealthy, sugary foods your body from the inside out will reflect this. That’s why we have the statement “You are what you eat.” This is just another example of Karma.

Why doesn’t anybody see all the amazing things karma actually does? Instead of giving “luck” all the credit on someone’s success or giving genetics the credit on somebody’s great body, who’s to say it wasn’t karma who brought that? “Oh look at that body, it’s probably just great genetics.” Or is it that you get out what you put in. That’s hard work and karma paying off.

I used to complain a lot in life, I was always the victim and the world always seemed against me and it stayed that way until I started taking back my power and realizing what comes in is what I put out. Once I changed my outlook and expected more for myself I started receiving more. I stopped accepting this victim mentality and started making shit happen. I took control of my life and realized it’s what I make it. That’s not to say that “bad” things won’t happen but my perception of what is actually “bad” has changed. It just is. Only I can decide if it’s bad or not. I prefer thinking it’s just another lesson that I brought into my life.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-12-25-00-pm

Now time for some thinking. Take the time and notice what’s coming into your life. How are you inviting it in? How are you perceiving it and is it something you want to continue to accept? You bring everything into your life, YOU ARE KARMA. Let that statement empower you and make karma awesome again!