12 Festive Foods To Feast On This Fall

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The leaves are turning different colors, the weather is slowly cooling down, however ‘tis the season to still feast healthy! Don’t let the change in season change your good nutrition habits!


Below is a list of foods in their peak to feed on this fall without compromising that waistline:

Apples: Antioxidant and 4 g of dietary fiber


Brussels Sprouts: Contains Vitamin K, folate and iron

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Pears: Contains Vitamin C, copper, and 4 g of fiber


Cauliflower: May help prevent cancer, contains Vitamin C, and may lower cholesterol


Squash: Contains omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A


Pumpkin: Contains potassium, fiber, and B vitamins

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Sweet Potatoes: Contains Vitamin A, iron and is anti-inflammatory


Pomegranates: Antioxidant and contains Vitamin C and folate


Dates: Low in fat, contains fiber and potassium


Kiwi: Contains Vitamin C, potassium and copper


Grapefruit: Contains Vitamin C, lycopene, and pectin (can lower cholesterol)


Tangerines: Contains Vitamin C and beta-carotene


Whether it’s in a special recipe, as a side or simply a mid-afternoon snack, give these nutritious yet delicious choices a try! With the fall season among us, the possibilities are endless and flavors full of promise!

Article by Sofia Rodriguez. You can find her at:

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