13 Ways To Describe Your Relationship With Quest Chips

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Let’s face it – if you’ve had Quest Protein Chips before, eating your chips CAN easily be the best part of your day.

It all begins with that beautiful moment you open your bag…

And with chips (as opposed to one bar) – you’re okay with sharing! “You get a chip, YOU get a chip, EVERYBODY gets a chip!”

But then things get very real, very quick when someone asks you for seconds.

Although NOTHING can be worse than when those same friends notice your stash and try to get away with doing this…

But… but… you gave them a protein chip. You TRUSTED them!

Either way – sooner or later, you get to that tragic moment when you realize your stash of Quest Protein Chips is empty.

But you’re not worried. Why would you be? You’re eating Quest Protein Chips – CLEARLY you’re a go-getter, you know how to fix your problem and replenish your stash. Upwards and onwards!

… okay, well, the wait (no matter how short or long) can be a bit of a harrowing experience.

But then before you know it… your doorbell rings.

This = you.

Aaaand a few minutes later… regular service of you being the awesome person you are resumes.

Stay awesome, everybody.

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