20 Scientifically-proven Essential Workout Songs

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Spotify recently teamed up with sports scientists at Brunel University in London to analyze over 6.7 million fitness playlists created by users to create the Spotify Ultimate Workout Playlist early this month.

The playlist features 20 tracks in total, and kicks off with a warm up, leading into high intensity & high-BPM and strength training & finally ends with a warm down.

Dr Karageorghis, deputy head (research) of the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University was quoted as saying

“Music lowers your perception of effort. It can trick your mind into feeling less tired during a workout, and also encourage positive thoughts. At the point when your body is shouting ‘STOP’, the music has the power to lift your mood and beckon you on. This is why your choice of music for exercise has important implications for how likely you are to stick to a New Year exercise regime.”

Listen to the ultimate workout playlist down below (be sure to scroll down within the web player to see all 20 songs!), and follow it here to add it to your Spotify app!