6 Tips To Continue your New Years Quest


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It’s about that time, 2 weeks into the New Year and some people’s resolutions are starting to fade. You may be falling into your old habits and away from the goals you set out for yourself for 2012. Don’t fall off the wagon that quickly! All you need is a little pick me up and some reminders on how to stay on track with your goals. As you move forward with your quest, it is important to keep revisiting exactly what it is that you set out to achieve and find ways to stay motivated and fired up.

Consider these 6 tips and allow them to help you stay motivated or used to reignite your inner fire.

#1. Revisit your New Years goal. Is it something that you really wanted or is it something you thought you “should “ want. Your goal has to come from something YOU desire. If your goal was intended to make someone else happy, you will easily lose motivation. Revisit your goal and ensure it is something you are doing for you.

#2. Reward yourself along the way. As you move forward, it is important to set up mini goals. When you reach those mini goals, reward yourself with something special. Treat yourself to a manicure or maybe a quite night out to the movies with a loved one. Mini goals and rewards will keep you motivated and feeling accomplished along your journey.

#3. Visual Reminders.  Post visual reminders throughout your house, work, or wherever you spend a good amount of time. If you don’t have a vision board, I highly suggest you create one. This will keep you remembering what it is you are after and inspired to keep moving forward.

#4. Surround yourself around like minded individuals. You need people who support you and hold you accountable. Join a network or group of those that are after similar goals. It is always easier when you have a supportive team behind you!

#5. Remember how good it feels. Remember how you felt when you were starting off the New Year and on track with your goals? If weight loss was your goal and you started out 2012 eating healthy and exercising, remember how good you felt! It is easy to get tempted but if you remember how amazing you felt when you were going after your goal, that can easily motivate you to get back on track.

#6. Check things off your list. I love checking things off my list! Use a calendar to check off each day you were on it with your goals. You will see how much pride and how accomplished you feel when you get to reward yourself with a big red “check of completion. See how many check marks you can gather up by the end of the month.

Keep digging deep and remember that it takes consistency and day in and day out efforts and before you know it you will reach the goals you set out for yourself. Don’t give up, you CAN and WILL do it!!


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