All Natural Quest Bars – Now Available!


The wait is over! All five flavor of our All Natural Quest Bars are available right now in our store.

The new bars are selling so fast, we’ve had to almost double production just to keep up. Order a box now to see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.

How did we go All Natural without compromising?

After extensive R&D, we decided to use Stevia and Erythritol to sweeten our All Natural bars to ensure that there would be no digestion problems while still creating bars that taste amazing. While Erythritol is technically classified as a sugar alcohol it is ENTIRELY different than all other sugar alcohols, and does not cause any of the problems typically associated with sugar alcohols.

Three things set Erythritol apart:

1) It does not cause upset stomachs. This is the main complaint against sugar alcohols and it’s one of the reasons we chose to use Erythritol. You can eat many Quest Bars in a single sitting with no ill effects.

2) Erythritol contains almost zero calories (0.2 per gram to be exact, or just over a single calorie per bar), unlike other sugar alcohols, which are MUCH higher.

3) It has almost no impact on blood sugar. This makes it very popular for diabetics and others who don’t like to, or can’t, consume sugar.

Read below for the flavors full ingredients and nutritional information.

Purchase now!