Best Tips for Doing Virtual Workouts at Home

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Working out at home can be hard, especially if you’re used to do group fitness classes, working with a trainer or having an accountability partner. Plus, you’re likely staring at a computer screen where there’s softer or less stimulating music. It can make the workout seem boring and unlike the experience you’d often expect when exercising in a group setting or at a busy gym.

Yet, you can get into the groove with virtual workouts as long as you find workouts that appeal to you, instructors you enjoy, and the proper equipment needed for the exercises that are chosen. Here are the best ways to shape your mindset and feel prepared for virtual workouts at home.

Have Your Equipment Ready

It’s a good idea to invest in a pair (or even a few pairs) of weights, as well as any other equipment you’d need for the types of classes and virtual workouts you are drawn to. If it’s barre, have small weights, a ball and a resistance band. If it’s HIIT, grab weights and bands. If it’s yoga, have a mat, block, and sticky socks. That way you can feel prepared for the virtual sessions and make them efficient and tough.

Choose Your Music

Unless you need to hear the instructor’s voice, turn your own music on and simply watch what is happening on the screen. Perhaps the first few times you’ll need to pay attention to direction, but if you’re doing the same types of workouts, or even watching the same enjoyable virtual workout a few times, then you’ll likely get the hang of it and just pick it up by watching.

Grab a Buddy

Can’t go to the gym or your favorite class? If you have an adventurous friend, roommate or significant other, let them join in on the action. Of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t advise you to take proper precautions (wear a mask, distance – in excess if possible as you’ll be breathing heavily) Having a companion work out with you can increase the fun of the workout, plus you get the added benefit of an accountability partner to keep you on track..

Try New Things

If one type of workout isn’t helping you get into the zone or get the results you want, you can browse the web or a fitness app and find plenty of other options! Maybe you should switch to a new type of workout—if barre is too low-intensity, go for HIIT. If running is tiring you or stressing out your knees, go for boxing.

Plus, experiment with different instructors. Not all are the same, so if one isn’t working out in your preferred style, give another one a shot. There’s also an almost infinite amount of relaxing exercises to do from home like yoga or meditation – the most important thing is that you’re doing something beneficial for your body.

Schedule It

It’s easy to dismiss the workout when you’re not already out and it’s on your way home from work or if it’s a class that you’ve scheduled and booked in advance. Yet, treat that virtual workout like an appointment and follow through. Once you get into having a set schedule, it’ll become a habit and you’ll start enjoying the workouts and your results more.