It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are Today, It Only Matters Who You Want to Become

Just For Fun

This is the fourth month where I’ve been in charge of the editorial content on The Bloq and just like this month’s theme I had no idea what this thing would become — I only know it was something I had a passion for and I had to make it a reality. We’re switching things up a bit this month as you’ll notice there are some new faces contributing to the Quest Blog — I’d like to thank both Andrew DeWitt and Cheri Paige Fogleman for offering up their enormous talents this month. I defy you not to laugh through Andrew’s Keto article and Gaming article and I can guarantee you’ll learn something about motivation when you scroll through Cheri’s take on getting off your butt and doing something.

We’re continuing our look inside Quest (not the show) with our employee spotlight on Quest Educator Giselle Carrillo — her story is a candid look at the burgeoning years of growth at Quest and an inspirational read.

This month we’re bucking the weight loss transformation for one of our first weight gain transformations in quite a while. Then-17-year-old Eric Kardaras put on 50 pounds of muscle and taught me a thing or two about setting goals and believing in yourself. Definitely check out my interview with him when you get a chance.

Danielle Hyams is back with one of my favorite editorials this month — I love a good history lesson on a topic about which I know almost nothing, and she delivers some shockers about the unsung tropical hero of South America, Colombia. Caution: you just might book a flight after reading.

Finally, I got to have a bit of fun whipping up a recipe article to showcase some easy-to-make protein power-ups when you’re in a time crunch. Things are about to get tasty.

Come back next month (and every day, and share and LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!) for even more tasty, transformative reading.