Jackie Burdine Transformation Story

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My weight and physique started to balloon up at age 15. I remember my brother and I planned on making a trip to Israel and Egypt for my 16th birthday, coming up that July. In April I told him it was time to make a change… I had reached 200 lbs.

For 3 months we counted our macros: carbs, fat and protein. Daily weight training and cardio. I was down to 140lbs for our trip, but couldn’t keep to that lifestyle. I started college, dating, and completely lost all knowledge I had gained… and of course, all the pounds that I’d lost. I would gain a few here and there, lose them again through an exercise class at school, but I could never really grasp what the problem was.

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I was back up to 200lbs when I met Justin, my future husband. I knew he loved me as I was, but I always felt bad about how I looked. We had a beautiful baby girl who came out through through an emergency C-section. It was a scary delivery, with a rough recovery due to being overweight and tired all the time. About a year and a half later we got pregnant again and decided to have another C-section, which went a lot smoother… until I got an infection afterward. It was awful and I was in so much pain. The doctors attributed it most likely to my weight. After healing up, I decided it was time to work out again. I started slow and was just weight training… then BAM! 7 months post-baby, I found myself pregnant yet again! Although my weight was a little better this time around, I was overly tired and constantly frustrated. My body had gone through 3 pregnancies and 3 C-sections in 4 years!

My kids are very active, so I couldn’t take them to the park without getting winded. I distinctly recall climbing the stairs at my mom’s one day, afterward being so exhausted and out of breath that I starting seeping into a depression. I didn’t want to go out with my husband and hated family pictures. In January ’14, when our youngest was about 3 months old, my mom suggested we start working out together again.

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We found a gym with daycare for the kids. I paired intense cardio with weight training and decided to track my eating with an app on my phone. I used it for every single bite I had, which I believe was a leading causes of my fat loss. I never realized how “little” things like hamburger meat and fast-food tacos really packed so much fat and carbs. So instead of hamburger meat, I switched to extra lean ground turkey, or onto chicken instead of red meat all the time, and adding in more fish. I also learned the difference between complex carbs and regular carbs… fascinating! 

Up through September, I focused on weight training, cardio, and eating right. I was down about 50lbs, looking good, but felt that my progress was plateauing. I was in need of someone to be there working out with me. I needed that push after my mom had returned to work.

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Things started to change again… my healthy habits started to become unhealthy tendencies. I never allowed myself to cheat. Even on vacation, I would take a single bite of dessert and then felt so guilty afterwards that I began to think it wasn’t worth it. Although my husband loved the new changes, and I loved finally have an energy to share with our kids, I was stressed from counting every last macro and then freaking out when the numbers didn’t match up. That’s when I decided to get together with a partner at the gym, one who had already gone through a major transformation and was now quite ripped!

My gym partner Armel and I started training together. I could feel my body changing even more than it had before. We laugh about it now, that I went from skinny to fat, to now actually fit and strong! We train together daily and he still pushes me to my limits. I can see my V-taper coming along nicely, more of that fit shape that I was hoping for. I’ve also learned to eat much cleaner, and yes, although I still count my macros… I don’t obsess over them, since I know I’m fueling my body with the right kind of food.

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The other major change since September: my obsession with QUEST BARS!!! Armel introduced them to me after I’d insisted that I couldn’t eat protein bars, since they clearly had too much fat & carbs, so they wouldn’t fit into my daily limits. I learned about their unique “Net Carbs” breakdown and that these bars are actually full of healthy fats and yummy yummy goodness! I don’t feel guilty any more. Sometimes I do stop and think, “Wait, I should not be eating this?” and then I remember… it’s a Quest Bar! I could and should eat them daily! I enjoy sharing them with my husband, kids and reluctantly even with Armel… when he forgets his own post-workout snack 🙂

I can honestly say that I never could’ve done this without the support of my family and friends. Without their support and help, I doubt I’d be where I am today and definitely would not be able to continue on with this lifestyle. Not only am I now down to 19% body fat (I started at over 50%), but I’m a healthy size 8/10 and 150lbs. But I’m still working on my body fat percentage and building more muscle. Thank you, Quest, for allowing me to enjoy cheating clean and continuing on this journey!

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