Matt Action El Paso Photoshoot



I flew down to El Paso to shoot with one of the best photographers I know, Milo 800. We shot the year prior in NYC and got some of the best work on me to date! Since I was nearing a show it was in my best interest to shoot the week prior and take advantage of my physique.

Day one we met Milo at our hotel and he took us across the border into Mexico where we stopped at his house. It was a nice, small, gated community just over the border. There we reminisced about our prior shoots and then we were off to the ranch! The ranch was relatively close to his house and the scenery we drove through was very interesting. Just like in the movies! Finally we reached our location and I got into my cowboy gear and began to shoot the wrangler series of photos. The shoot went extremely well, but our fun was cut short due to an approaching sandstorm which forced us to return home.

Day two we decided that we should stay in America, so we headed to the red dunes where we did some clothed fashion shots! Here I was put to the test by performing action shots. Some include running across the dessert and some involved jumping off 20 foot dunes. On the way back to the hotel we spotted a ranch market, which looked interesting. The only thing left to do was cook a VICTORY meal for the weekend. We purchased corn eggplant and Fresh Free Range Steaks. Slightly marinated and BBQ’ed at the hotel we ate them and returned for the beginning of peek week for the Greater Gulf States in Louisiana.

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