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Josie during a CrossFit WOD.

My name is Josie Phelps and I’m a 36-year-old mother of three beautiful girls – Juliet, 14, Zoee, 12, and Frankie, 1. Being a full time mom and staying in shape is no easy task. It takes discipline, sacrifice, dedication, and if you’re lucky – an amazingly supportive family.

My fitness journey began about eight years ago. My first love was LA Fitness. This is where I learned the basics from how to use the Stairmaster to how to squat. Juggling work, family, and fitness was tough at the beginning. But just like everything else, I quickly figured it out. My gym day typically started after 7:00 p.m., after my girl’s homework was done and dinner was made. Sometimes, these sessions lasted until 10:00 p.m. It wasn’t ideal but it’s what worked for me at the time. Once I started feeling and seeing the results of working out, there was just no way I was turning back. I remember feeling so much more alive and full of energy. One of my favorite memories is my oldest daughter Juliet asking me to run up the stairs instead of taking the escalator at Universal Studios. Being able to do this with her made me so happy!

Before/after shot of Josie after dropping the pregnancy weight.

In October of 2011, I found out that I was pregnant. I was determined to stay fit and healthy. However, that didn’t work out as planned. I was put on bed rest for the first trimester and was told to take it easy throughout the second. I worked out throughout the majority of the pregnancy but succumbed to any and all cravings. In July, I was full term and 50 lbs heavier.

Mid-September, at 8 weeks postpartum (due to cesarean section), I was given the green light to hit the gym. I was determined to get back into shape. I gave myself a reasonable but tough goal. I needed to be at my goal weight before my 35th birthday in April. I tightened up my diet and worked out whenever I had the opportunity. I started with P90X and Insanity during Frankie’s (my youngest daughter) naps and late night gym sessions after my older girls went to bed. In January of 2012, I joined CrossFit. With having minimal athletic history and being somewhat out of “cardio” shape, it was quite the challenge. CF whipped me into shape quickly. By March, thanks to the occasional “two-a-days,” I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I was kicking butt in my WODs (work out of the day).

Josie and her youngest daughter strike a pose.

In May I decided to turn it up a notch and started eating gluten free. I quickly realized the combination of working out while maintaining a healthy diet impacted me not only physically, but I felt great too. I had so much more energy and anyone with a toddler knows energy is a necessity. I think the one huge misconception with a diet is it has to be boring.

In this day and age, there are so many “healthy” options, but none compare to my Quest Bars. I’m a girl with the most ridiculous sweet tooth. I used to give myself a cheat treat once a week. I couldn’t wait until Saturday rolled around so I could have a chocolate chip cookie! Now with Quest in my life, I can enjoy my treat while consuming 20g of protein. You really can’t go wrong. Maintaining a healthy diet in combination with my daily workouts really aided in leaning me out and allowed me to achieve my fitness goals.

This is a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself and wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the newer me. I love the confidence I’ve developed and hope that it shows my girls that being a strong woman is beautiful.

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Josie and her two oldest daughters having a beach day.