Need Inspiration? Get a Trainer!


I’m back with a vengeance!

I decided to get back onstage for my 3rd competition!  It is coming up fast on April 14th, and I realized I needed to shake up my workouts.  So I had a training session today at my gym and it really motivated me and got me inspired.

I’ve always considered “getting a trainer” to be a rich persons’ thing or something I shouldn’t really spend money on since I already “know” what I’m doing.  Today I discovered that having the right trainer makes all the difference.

Part of this difference was how specific I was able to be with him.  I explained my precise goals (to achieve a leaner, more sculpted lower body and to compete on April 14th). I showed him pictures of my last competition and he knew right away what kind of plan to do with me.  We reviewed my supplements and he recommended adding certain ones to achieve my desired results.  The past few days I have been struggling with my motivation in the gym, and in just one session with him, I feel rejuvenated and excited again about planning and completing my workouts.

If you think (like I did) that you can do this all by yourself, I urge you to consider hiring a trainer.  Many gyms will let you have an initial training session for free.  After that one, you can consider purchasing more, but at least take advantage of the complimentary session.  Even if you learn just one new thing, it will be worth it!