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The Performance Series: The Importance of Focus

In professional e-sports, practice makes perfect. The more hours one dedicates to improving their technical and tactical abilities, the better they will perform. But on game-day, with fans cheering and hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in, a team’s preparation can only go so far. In order to perform in […]

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Healthy Holiday Tips: How to Stay on Track!

As soon as Halloween hits the calendar, it seems Americans veer off the path of fitness and into this infamous holiday funk. Thanksgiving claims us as its first victim with luscious pies, salty ham, and countless calories. Next is Christmas with the various cookie flavors, loads of chocolate among other […]

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Try Again And You Will Succeed

My story begins at a very young age when I learned to “love” food and found comfort in overindulging in fast food. I remember very vividly at the age of 12 being deeply mortified and embarrassed at having to shop for clothes in the women’s section of the store – […]

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By: Fitness competitor, Jennifer Norden (Facebook) Don’t waist your time, energy and money on crazy diets that deprive your body of what it needs to reach your goals. Yes you may lose weight initially but it doesn’t last!!! Examples of these diets are low carb, low fat, high protein, banana […]

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Quest Nutrition

Decades Old Vaccine May Combat Diabetes

Researchers at Harvard have uncovered a promising new sign in the battle against Type 1 Diabetes. A Tuberculosis vaccine, which has been in use for over 90 years, has seemingly reversed the disease in some patients. The vaccine, known as bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), acts as a stimulant to a protein which […]

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