The life of a competitor in the off season

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Competitors are in what some call the “off season” but what I prefer to call the “improvement season.” A lot of people want to know what competitors do during this time. Here is the answer.

Competitors sacrifice a lot things, one being QUALITY time with friends and family. Everyone is different but I personally become a hermit during full contest prep so fun times with friends and family are limited. This is just how it works for me because I cannot eat out, I am too tired, or I’m at the gym. So the first thing I do when I have time off is schedule fun stuff with my friends and family.

Another thing I like to do is GIVE IT A REST! I do not stop training but I decrease intensity. I usually go from 1.5- 2 hrs in the gym to a little over an hour. I lighten up the weights and the intensity of my cardio to let my body, brain, and joints rest. I still workout 6 days per week to keep the habit in my schedule and maintain a good physique.

My diet is a little different in the off season. I add more of a variety and let myself have more seasonings on my food. I do take in more calories and have a few extra cheat meals. I never have a cheat DAY and I try not to form bad habits. If you eat bad foods on a regular basis you crave bad foods!! My goal is to treat myself here and there but to stay away from fried and high fat foods.

Improvement season is also a time to get creative and try new things. This is the time to  try new supplements, foods, diets, and exercises to see how your body responds. The competition season is NOT a time for this!!

I am honored to be an IFBB Bikini Pro and I am happy to announce the next time you will see me on stage will be March 1 at the 2013 Arnold International Bikini stage. I will be joining 18 other bikini pros chosen from all over the world.

Guest post by IFBB Pro Jennifer Andrews. Find her on Facebook.