Transformation Tuesday | How I Beat Diabetes Through Fitness


I was always overweight. Not extremely obese, but I was never at a “healthy” weight. I hated going to the doctor, because he would always tell me I needed to lose weight. I already knew that… but I never did anything about it. I always had excuses & wanted to blame my “genes.”

Through my teenage years, I started to gain more weight. My eating habits were horrible, and I just wasn’t very active. At age 20, I started to get bad headaches & just felt horrible! I went to the doctor because it kept on getting worse, where I was told I was diabetic and had high cholesterol.


That’s the day my life changed. I got very upset at myself for letting me get to that stage – particularly because I lost two of my grandparents to the same disease – diabetes runs on both sides of my family!

That was the day I completely changed my lifestyle. I had to take medication to control my diabetes and cholesterol, but changing my lifestyle was very hard at first because I didn’t know where or how to start. I started by eating healthier & stopped eating out, then I joined the gym. All I did was cardio because I thought that was the best. I researched a lot, and learned a lot throughout my journey.

My goal was never to lose weight – it was to get healthier and to prove everyone that said I couldn’t get rid of that illness wrong! I started to see results. When I least expected it – I was 40lbs down, then 60lbs, then 80lbs, then 100lbs. That motivated to keep going & not stop!

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Not everything was perfect though. Towards the end of my 100lbs mark. I fell into a horrible stage. I counted calories, so I wanted to lose weight fast. I then started eating less & less because I thought I would lose weight faster. I got obsessed with the number on the scale & I was scared of eating “too much” or too many carbs. I was also working out too much.

Of course, I did lose weight… but I was also harming my body. I lost a lot of hair, energy & just looked unhealthy – but I still didn’t think I was thin enough. I never wanted to go out because I was scared of not eating “clean”. I do not recommend this to anyone, but I’m just being honest – I got myself back on check & I slowly started eating more. I got my energy back! I started to focus more on macros just to make sure I was eating enough. I still sometimes struggle with that disorder sometimes but it’s a lot better now.

I decided to go back to the doctor to get checked, where I was told I had reversed diabetes & my cholesterol levels were perfect. I cried of joy because all my hard work paid off! Every drop of sweat was worth it, I stopped taking medication & the doctor himself couldn’t believe it.

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I fell in love with fitness and nutrition. I love making my own versions of food into healthier alternatives. I discovered Quest Bars and I can honestly say they saved me from eating cake or junk – they satisfy my sweet tooth & cravings!

I got into lifting weights & baking with protein. I created a fitness page on Instagram in the beginning of 2014 hoping to help others that are struggling with weight. Now, I love my lifestyle. I can’t think of going back ever again. That person is in the past. Sometimes I’m glad I had diabetes because if I never did.. I would not be the person I am today. This is my life now & I love it! I feel stronger, healthier & fit.

For anyone that’s about to give up or think it’s impossible I’m here to tell you to not STOP! Don’t quit! I was about to quit many many times but I’m not a quitter. There was no one around me to push me – I motivated myself. I pushed myself. Now I’m on a quest to help who ever needs it!


I’ve been through a lot. Lots of tears. Lots of dedication. But I did it! And I can honestly say.. If I did it.. anyone can. The sky’s the limit!

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