As Fall approaches the trend starts to occur. Stuffy noses, body aches and coughing starts to kick in. Getting sick is not fun but sometimes not matter how much we take care of our bodies it will just happen. When you are a consistent gym goer, getting sick is the last thing you want on your list. I am right there with you. I don’t appreciate my illness getting in the way of my training goals. So how do you know if you should rest or if you can actually pull through with a decent workout with no harm to the body?

 Here is my rule of thumb:

1. If the cold/flu is from your neck up it’s usually OK to get in a workout. This means you just have a stuffy nose or sore throat. If you feel a major headache, please rest!

2. If the cold/flu is from the neck down you NEED TO REST.

When you are sick the immune system is already low and when you weight train you are actually lowering the immune system further whether you’re sick or not. Hence, the reason why it is usually recommended to have rest days in any workout program because rest and recovery is key to a healthy growing body.

You don’t want to be coughing and sneezing all over the machines, dumbbells, and barbells and spread your sickness this is not fair to those around you. Listen to your body and be the best judge. Like always check with your physician for what’s the best option for you.

Tips on how to prevent the cold/flu

Take a multi-vitamin

Take an extra 1000mg of Vitamin C

Drink White tea all day long (cold/hot)

Eat dark greens

Sleep an extra hour

Drink a lot of water

Drink white tea

Eat fruits high in antioxidants (think berries!)