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Quest Nutrition

5 Ways to Persevere With Your Workout

If you decided a few months ago that this year would be the year you successfully went on your own fitness Quest or lived your own Transformation story, more power to you! Now while for some people it might be easy to remain motivated the whole way once they’ve resolved […]

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Cheat Meals: Yay or Nay?

Imagine a big greasy cheeseburger, salty hot fries, and a sweet cold strawberry milkshake to wash it all down sitting right in front of you. Run away as fast as you can? Unhealthy, bad for you, heart-disease causing are thoughts that come to mind?     Sure, after repetitive intake […]

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4 Fun Ways to Burn Calories

Are you trying to get yourself on a fitness routine but don’t see yourself going to an actual gym to work out? Not to worry! There are many alternatives that don’t involve buying a gym membership and forcing yourself to make the trip to your closest gym. As the saying […]

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Run for Relief 5K Challenge

10 Ways to Beat Boredom While Running

Ever heard someone say that they don’t want to run because it’s boring? I have, and every time I hear someone utter those words, I cringe a little. As a runner, I know that running can become a bit boring at times, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stay […]

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NEDA Awareness Week | Strong, Not Skinny

For three years, I destroyed my body in a pretentious search for confidence. Reflecting  on past attempts taken to attain peace with my self-image, I have come to realize the grave reality behind starving or over-working my body. However, before I realized how much I was hurting myself, nothing could […]

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NEDA Awareness Week | Born Again Warrior

Whilst growing up, my life was flooded with body confidence issues. Being the larger girl in the family weight wise, comments from family members made me constantly feel uncomfortable and like the ugly duckling of the bunch. Comments on my weight, clothes, even my nail varnish colour, all told me […]

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