6 Key Steps To Stay Motivated To Workout In The Winter


The days are getting darker, more dreary, more cold and wet…yay, winter! Motivation to get active or hit the gym can seem like a real struggle – however, there are many ways to still keep your great work up and feel amazing! Just because it is the cold season, it is no excuse to give up!

1. Pack your bag!

Whatever time you workout, whether it be in the morning or evening, pack your gym bag before you go to bed the night before. You will be in workout mode mentally and seeing that bag in the morning is motivation in itself.  The easier it is for you to grab your “gym stuff” and go, the easier it is for you to hit the gym!

2. Prepare your fuel

Make sure you prepare your pre and post workout fuel.  Again, having this ready makes it much easier to be motivated by saving time faffing around pouring, mixing and chopping when you are already trying to convince yourself that skipping this workout is fine!  My motto – “be prepared or prepare to fail” speaks volumes. Depending on your activity level and goals, your food will vary but having it pre-made will motivate you, especially if it is a yummy shake or Quest Bar!

3. Don’t go home!

The thought of curling up on the couch in front of the TV all toasty and warm may seem more appealing than hitting the treadmill or weights some days.  So if you workout in the evening, DO NOT go home after work or classes.  Take that pre-packed bag and head to the gym.  You will be more motivated then going home, seeing that tempting couch and fridge!  It will be less of a battle for you…trust me!

4. Change your Mindset


I absolutely love the gym, it is my happy place and I cannot wait to get there.  However, this was not always the case!  Once you see the playground aka “the gym” as a beneficial, body and life changing mecca, you will be more motivated to go.  Seeing results is key and so much fun, whether it be improved stamina or muscle gain.  Positivity and consistency is paramount…do not see the gym as a chore; see it as part of your lifestyle and good things will happen!

5. Time your TV

If TV is a favorite pastime of yours, why not time it with your workout, especially if it is cardio time. If there is a sports game on or your regular soap, what better way to pass some of that steady state exercise time by focusing on some visual entertainment especially if your are having to run or bike inside due to that Winter weather.  The treadmill has never seemed so appealing!

6. Sleep

I cannot stress the importance of quality sleep. When the body is well rested and recharged, you are less tired and will have more energy to tackle the day. Try to get into a healthy sleep routine. For example – set your alarm to turn off the TV and cell phone about 30 minutes before bedtime, we all know the over stimulation of the brain can affect sleep…and it does! Make sure you relax, you will be fresher than a spring daisy and ready to overcome those winter blues and stay active…

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