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I can hardly recall more than a handful of pleasant childhood memories that haven’t been interfered with by my lifelong struggle with weight. My entire juvenile life was dominated by food. Labeled by doctors and the media as ‘obese’, I found myself at 250 lbs. at the age of 10.

Growing up, my life was literally a living hell. All the teasing, bullying, and overall quality of life was one that I pray nobody else, especially a child, ever has to experience. The grip that food had on my life was something out of a horror movie. I look back now and see a lonely child trying to find comfort and satisfaction in all forms of food. My parents pleaded with me to try and change my ways, to adopt healthy habits, but my premature mind couldn’t comprehend what I was doing to myself.


Years went by and I never had neither the knowledge nor motivation to change, mostly due to the lack of any true awareness of childhood obesity during this span of time. It wasn’t until around age 15 that I first started to truly notice my condition, but by then, my habits were set.

Weighing 362 lbs. at age 18, on the brink of heart disease and diabetes, I hit the breaking point. I was home alone, trying to tie my shoelaces, when I thought I’d someone else in the house with me. I searched and found no one, so I continued to tie my shoes… and I heard the same thing. Nobody was in the house with me. I realized the noise was me! I was so obese and out of shape that I couldn’t even tie my shoes without falling short of breathe.

That was when I sought out my pediatrician and scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist, who gave me the framework to reclaim my life. I spent every free moment researching nutrition, studying weight-loss tips, and creating recipes. I found myself consumed by nutritional information that no one had ever exposed me to. Puzzling to think… if I had been exposed to the information as a small child, would I have avoided my childhood obesity entirely? This was also the moment I discovered Quest Nutrition. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I accredit so much of my success to the clean eating that was made possible by all the hard work that everyone at Quest Nutrition puts in.

Once immersed in this journey, I started offering heath advice & weight loss tips to others in my area. More time passed and, to my surprise, people’d been referring to me as their inspiration. I had never been humbled quite like that before. Obesity in Eastern Kentucky is out of control, but what made all those sleepless night worth it… wondering if I was ever going to see the light at the end of the tunnel… is the simple satisfaction of having helped at least one person overcome that very same battle.

In less than a year since beginning my journey, I’m proud to share currently weight of 226 lbs. I feel as if I have a purpose to help others that have struggle with being over weight and to give them hope that there is hope and to never give up on themselves and on their dreams. I also am trying to break the continuing cycle of obesity in my area by sharing my story and what I have experienced and overcame along the way.


5 Things I Learned Along the Way:

Believe in yourself! – While fighting obesity I lost count of the times that I could’ve just given up. So many times I just wanted to break down and revert to my old way of life. I promise, no matter what you’re struggling with, that you will conquer it! Stay strong!

Monitor your sleep – I’ve always believed that losing weight only had to deal with diet and exercise but I’ve discovered that to me sleep is the most important. if your body can’t rest to repair itself than you can’t expect yourself to get stronger.

Set reasonable goals – Set yourself MANY goals while striving for your major goal. When you make a smaller goal and achieve it, you will stay motivated enough to keep on working and can eventually accomplish that MAJOR goal.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If you’re struggling with anything from nutrition to exercise, and you can’t seem to find the answer that makes sense to you, don’t be afraid to reach out for some professional advice.

Surround yourself with loving people – While striving to accomplish a set goal, surround yourself with people who love you and will motivate you to be the best possible version of yourself! Kind words make a world of difference when you need the motivation to make it though the rest of the day. 

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