Shannan Yorton Glute Workout



Here is my GLUTE & Leg workout that I do once a week in general and up to 2 times a week leading up to a Figure Competition-  I vary my exercises, reps, sets, rest periods, etc, constantly so, none of my workouts for upper or lower body are exactly the same.
Note: I no longer directly train my quads as I have plenty of muscle so, for those of you who need or want to work the quads directly, please sub out any exercise below or, add in, leg extensions and or, the leg press, squats or, smith machine squats.
4 x 25 Romanian Dead Lifts
superset with,
4 x 12 Lying Leg Curls, heavy.
4 x 30 (total steps) Traveling Lunges w/ dumbbells or barbell on shoulders.
superset with,
4 x 10 Hyperextensions w/ flat back, very slow and controlled, squeezing glutes; holding a 10-25 lb. plate
4 x 15 Single Leg Stationary Step Ups, keeping one leg on bench (going up & down) entire time before switching legs. Start ea. set with a different leg.
superset with,
4 x 20 Pop Squats (starting in a shoulder width stance, jump up and out into a squat position; jumping back to starting position, repeat for reps!
3 x 20 steps each direction, Banded Walk, using a thick band. Can be bought online or at Sports Chalet, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc.
superset with,
3 x failure Frog Kicks; lying on a bench holding on with hands, hips at edge of bench, bend knees to a right angle and using glutes only, squeeze legs up making the heels go to the ceiling.
My Contest History:
2006 NPC Tornament of Champions Figure Class D.  3rd place
2007 Arnold Classic Amateur Division, Figure, 9th place
2010 NPC Greater Gulf States Figure Class F.  1st place