What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Less Sugar?

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There’s no question about it—sugar is totally addicting. When you get into a routine of eating a high-sugar foods each day, your body begins to crave it and goes through withdrawal, where it needs to keep getting another dose to have that “high” feeling. Unfortunately, excess sugar can lead to elevated blood sugar levels on a chronic basis, risk for diabetes and heart disease, and weight gain.

That’s why cutting out sugar is key. And when you do ditch the sugary stuff, you’ll notice immediate and long-term changes, as well as health benefits. Here are a few things to happen to your body when you stop eating sugar.

You Get Less Bloated

Sugar can lead to weight gain and bloating, so if you ditch it, you might notice it being easier to slim down or feel less water retention and puffiness in your skin. Plus skin might glow more, where you have less redness and less acne, too! Want to make it even better? Start drinking more non-sweet fluids too, like water, unsweetened tea, and seltzer. Aim to drink a glass or two every hour or so.

The less you eat sugar, the less likely you are to reach for that candy bowl

Your Sugar Cravings Subside

At first you might miss that sweet stuff like crazy, but as you adjust to less sugar, your body begins to crave it less often and prefers wholesome, clean foods, like fruits, veggies, protein, and beans and legumes. And with fewer cravings, you’ll notice yourself reaching for better options in general, where you get in the habit of clean eating long-term.

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Sweet Things Taste More Satisfying

If you aren’t eating as much sugar, you begin to lose the sensation and things that are sweet will start to taste sweeter than they did before, due to the heightened sensation that you’ve been missing. And that means you can enjoy sweet flavored and healthier things, like protein bars, in dessert flavors that have nutrients to better your body while tasting like a treat.


Blood Sugar Stabilizes

Levels will begin to stabilize and go down if you stop eating sugar. Sugar elevates blood sugar to put you at risk of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, but it also spikes after eating. With lower blood sugar and fewer swings between high and low, you will have a better mood and less irritability, along with greater energy and fewer “crashes.”

You Get Better Sleep

Sugar can keep you awake at night, and it can make getting those nightly 7-8 hours pretty challenging. Yet, if you limit sugar and eat more protein-dense and veggie-packed foods closer to night, then you will have stable blood sugar, better digestion, and less stimulation before winding down. So, stop eating too close before bed and keep the sugar away for a few hours prior, to ensure a good night’s sleep.